We all must do our bit to  protect the earth's threatened species, and the areas of habitat they require to be  healthy.






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Q: Where can a growing population of globally disconnected people come together to have fun while getting informed about how we can save endangered world species?

A: Planetary CPR Music Variety Shows




Come  Out and Play:  The next Planetary CPR Music Variety Show is an all ages event at the Gem Theatre in Garden Grove, CA on

  Fri Nov 4th at 8PM

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A baby Sumatra hairy Rhinoceros



Planetary CPR (Conservation, Preservation, Restoration)

is an environmental concept that provides a sonic defense for our threatened species of plants, fish, and wildlife. The goal is to stop human caused specie extinctions and promote better planetary stewardship.

The Gem Theatre  is an intimate 158 seat renovated playhouse located in Downtown Garden Grove   Click here to purchase tickets and find out more information about the event.   Advanced Tickets only $10